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Artisan Gourmet Coffee For Discerning Coffee Lovers 


Taste it once and you will understand why BARISTA UNO™ is the one and only choice. 


At BARISTA UNO™, we believe that coffee is an art. We travelled the globe to track down the best coffee beans and narrowed it down to a remote plantation with the finest beans from Java, Indonesia.


Every coffee bean is chosen for its quality, and we only roast and brew the best, to ensure that every cup of BARISTA UNO™ Artisan Gourmet Coffee meets the standard of the discerning coffee drinker that is you.


We strive to take everything back to basics by starting with selective hand picked green un-roasted beans and crafting the best tasting and aromatic coffee for your enjoyment.


With BARISTA UNO™, you get the finest fresh artisan gourmet coffee and nothing less. Taste it once and you will understand why BARISTA UNO™ is the one and only choice. 


BARISTA UNO™ Artisan Gourmet Coffee evolved from a delicate and stringent process which include meticulous selection, milling and drying of the raw hand-picked coffee at origin, and careful crafting of the coffee into a finished form by the roaster.


At BARISTA UNO™, coffee roasting is a marriage of science and sensibility.


The science involves controlling the roasting medium via the roaster's knowledge of the roasting machine, the raw product (green beans) and the roaster’s visual and tasting sensibility.


BARISTA UNO™’s roasters are masters of their craft, constantly fine-tuning the nuances of each blend they roast.


Everyone of us at BARISTA UNO™ take every step very seriously to ensure that every cup of BARISTA UNO™ Artisan Gourmet Coffee is the best tasting coffee full of aroma and flavor that every discerning coffee drinker would love.


Most importantly because BARISTA UNO™ take full ownership of every step of producing the finest artisan gourmet coffee without the middlemen, you are assured that you receive the best value while enjoying the lowest and fair pricing for one of the finest coffee available. 

Artisan Gourmet Coffee Made 
Black Label Series
Premium Roasted Beans

BARISTA UNO™ Black Label Series Premium Roasted Beans are the highest quality speciality coffee directly from our family of premium farms carefully hand picked and selected green coffee beans by our experts. ​​

Our beans are roasted to perfection with our state of the art roasting plant bringing out the highest quality in every bean. BARISTA UNO™ fresh whole beans is highly desired by coffee connoisseur and royalties all around the world.

US$ 17.00 W/GST

US$ 33.00 W/GST

BARISTA UNO™ JUNIOR Premium Coffee Machine
  • Professional Commercial barista coffee machine

  • Easy to make milk froth with steamer

  • Premium Espresso Machine with modern and elegant design

  • User friendly operation

  • MICOM control system

  • High strength & pressure valve preventing lime scale build up

  • Full automatic one touch button Wide LCD display

  • A ceramic grinding mechanism never alters flavour of grinds, resulting in fresh, flavourful, and pure ingredients

  • Optional extension sludge box

  • Easy cleaning with a removeable drip tray and cake container

  • Dimension/Weight: W280 × D370 × H370 (mm) / 12kg

  • Menu Button: 4 (Americano, Mild Americano, Espresso, Steam)

  • Operation: Brewer Mechanism

  • Water Supply: Water tank (2L) / Direct valve to water purifier

  • Power consumption: 1450w (thermoblock heating system)

  • Bean hopper capacity: 350g (optional: 550g)

Experience Barista Uno Junior 

US$ 1,284 W/GST


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